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for macOS 14 - 10.7 (Apple Silicon, Intel CPU)


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by Bob.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., Version 1.0 - Feb 23, 2013

I have been using this program for about 2 months for my business. I Sync & Encrypt elements of data I need to be able to access, when I am on site via Dropbox from my iMac. This then Syncs the information on my MBP – even if I have not got access to any Wi-Fi I can still access and update records. Support is first class, I had a small glitch when I first installed the software – this was sorted within 48hrs.


File/Folder sync and encryption is what we need with cloud services★★★★★

by Haberjr Version 1.0 - Feb 17, 2013

Great application that works as advertised. Developer responds promptly to inquiries even on a Sunday. This is my setup: I sync an unencrypted folder on my MacPro to the cloud AES256 encrypted with a password. I sync the encrypted cloud folder to a folder on my Macbook Air using the same application where it unencrypt using the password. Whatever file or folder I add to to Macbook Air folder get synced to the cloud. Upon restarting my MacPro those new files get decrypted on my computer. During transmission the files are encrypted. It works also with Dropbox. For the first time I trust my files in the cloud. I am a user of the Goodsync application as well so I trust the syncing protocol from this application. There is flexibility to choose backup, sync in various directions. I have done a lot of testing and so far so good. Kudo's to the developer.

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