File Search Machine

for macOS 14 - 10.7 (Apple Silicon, Intel CPU)


App Store Customer Reviews

Macht was es soll★★★★★

by dieter_kVersion - 1.2

Vielfältige Einstellungsmöglichkeiten und schnell. Für mich super - zumal für den Preis


by BRH54720Version - 1.2

Easier to use than Spotlight to find the documents you need. Has a preview window to faster find find the relevant documents when compared to using mac Finder. Recommended.

Very Good★★★★★

by De SaVersion - 1.2

It is fast and convenient. I did already had ourchased Sync Folder pro and like the interface and features of this File Search product.

Works with Spotlight and enhances it★★★★

by oldmaneganVersion - 1.2

Good for searching network as well as Local drives and folders. Found it fast on Spotlight-indexed drives and of acceptable speed on non-indexed drives and folders


by GSE1Version - 1.2

Supersnel en uitgebreider dan Spotlightbij het zoeken naar woorden , zinnen en delen ervan in bestanden enz.

Great tool★★★★★

by renrVersion - 1.1

Fast, easy to use, nifty quickview function

file search machine★★★★★

by anton groenescheyVersion - 1.1

Dit is echt nuttig, een aanrader.


by BeaboboVersion - 1.1

It does what it's supposed to with your file. The search enabled with wildcard is so useful and it's so fast to find piece of word even inside .exe or .dmg file larger than 100 Mb. Great job

Très bonne application...★★★★★

by Stade toulousainVersion - 1.1

Superbe application. Simple, intuitive et efficace…Que demander de plus ? Je possède déjà l’application Sync Folders Pro + du même développeur et c’est que du bonheur. Merci aux DEVs pour leurs travail

Excellent App★★★★

by PoogiBobVersion - 1.1

Fast, easy to use. Highly recommend

recherche incroyable...★★★★★

by HotpimientoVersion - 1.1

un mot et hop tout est retrouvé. Incroyable !!!

Good option to Spotlight★★★★

by R JarvisVersion - 1.1

Most defenitly a good option to Spotlight.

File Search Machine★★★★★

by 1nf0t3chVersion - 1.1

Many Search apps are complicated but not FSM. I want to find my documents, files, pictures & folders easily & quickly. I want to be able to find what I needed without a complicated search function. I like the addition of Spotlight & file operations, without needing to do this manually. I have only just begun to explre this wonderful app! Kudos to Vadim Zybin!

A winner!★★★★

by ntb2ntbVersion - 1.1

Powerful, versatile, efficient — this great app makes short work of searching, finding, identifying and displaying the information you need when you need it.

Very useful app!★★★★★

by Cleven ChoVersion - 1.1

After using so many file search applications, I will say this is the most powerful and easy to use file search app. I like it's feature to search by folders with your own priority settings. Keep up the good work!

Excellent alternative to Spotlight★★★★★

by dz1234567890Version - 1.1

There are several things I really like about this application: - You can easily identify where the located file is and sort by path, size, date, etc. You can't do that from the Spotlight interface, you have to use the Finder (which is a littly clunky anyway). - Once you find files by certain criteria, you can refine that search with a secondary criteria (by name, path or content) without messing up the original search. Very useful. - You can switch between Quicklook and a raw viewer of the file. This is really good if you're looking at code or configuration files. Sometimes I have to look at email headers - a pain to do in most email clients... here it's just a breeze. The localization feature was very cool and invites user contribution and collaboration. Although the translations were good for the languages I use, it's comforting to know you can edit per your preference and even submit it for review. More applications should implement this approach. The Spotlight Manager option is an interesting addition but it didn't work for me. I think it's a useful option for people that don't need fancy configurations, just being able to enable/disable indexing per drive. I do have a non-standard Spotlight configuration so I guess that might have had an effect on the Spotlight Manager but also on the Spotlight integration as well. It just didn't seem to be able to grab indexed results directly from Spotlight, instead it had to search through the file system. Having said that, it wasn't slow at all and found hits in a suitable time. As it builds its internal index hopefully it should improve. Suggestions: - It would be nice to have a menu bar icon for it, just like Spotlight's. Not necessarily to replace Spotlight (not sure you can) but to have the option to quickly invoke the application. - The Spotlight Manager could be refined. - It might get a little slow in the middle of a search to the point of temporary unresponsiveness. Not a huge deal but sometimes you realize you want to tweak your search and need to be able to cancel it quickly and retry. Highly recommended!

good start★★★★

by pil_afpVersion - 1.1

Nouvelle application intéressante car cherche les fichiers et dans les fichiers ainsi que les mails (Outlook aussi). Encore quelques améliorations à prévoir en usage et traduction. par l'auteur de Sync Folders Pro, l'idéal pour mes sauvegardes vers nas ou dd.

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