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Multilingual Text Translator

  • Enter the source text
  • Create the words and phrases list that you do not need to translate (app name, company name, etc.)
  • Click "Run" and you instantly get translation of your text into all selected languages.

Multilingual Text Translator features:

  • Translates into 104 languages.
  • Detects the source language automatically.
  • Ability to select several languages ​​for translation.
  • Ability to create the words and phrases list that you do not want to translate.
  • Ability to insert translated text into the text field of another app by clicking the menu bar item.
  • Ability to save / load the translation result to an external file.


You need an Internet connection to translate.


Files Changer

  • Select the folder with the files to which you want to make changes
  • Create a changes list
  • Click "Run" and you instantly get the modified files in the destination folder.

Files Changer features:

  • Changes the part of word, the entire word, the phrase in the content and name of files based on the changes list.
  • Changes words and phrases in all files of the source folder and subfolders.
  • Ability to enable / disable the replacement in the file names.
  • Ability to enable / disable replacement in the file contents.
  • The changes list can contain any number of replacement rules.
  • Ability to save / load settings to an external file.

Icon Maker

  • Select the source image file
  • Select the destination directory
  • Click "Run" and you instantly get an app icon ICNS.

Icon Maker features:

  • Supports the most commonly used image file types: .psd, .ai, .png, .tiff, .gif, .jpg, .icns and other file types.
  • Ability to generate all required resolutions from a single file.
  • Ability to generate all required resolutions from multiple files.
  • Ability to use source files of different sizes.
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