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What is a VPN connection?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection lets you connect to your LAN (Local Area Network) or a remote computer from anywhere. An Internet connection is the only thing required.

You can connect to a VPN Server Mac OS X from Mac / iPhone / PC and you can also use all the services your LAN provides, such as:

  • Access to shared files and folders on your remote computers.
  • Remote control of your computers in LAN.
  • Screen Sharing.
  • Printer Sharing.
  • Web Sharing.
  • Remote Apple Events.
  • Other services granted by your LAN.

What is a VPN Server Configurator?

The VPN Server Configurator configures and makes active the native Mac OS VPN Server. So when you connect to the VPN Server you are using only native Mac OS services, just like in Mac OS Server.

With this program you can configure and activate the Mac OS VPN Server without special knowledge to do this; enter the number of client computers, and click the button «AutoConfig».


What is a VPN Client Configurator?

VPN Client Configurator makes it easy to configure a VPN connection on the client computer. You don't need to remember ip address VPN Server, user name, user password, private key, type connection to configure the connection to the VPN Server.


How to configure a VPN connection
using VPN Client Configurator?

  • Start the VPN Server on your Mac using the VPN Server Configurator.
  • Enter manually “ID VPN Server Configurator” or click “Generate ID”. The ID VPN Server Configurator is used to open a configuration file on the VPN Client Configurator.
  • Configure the VPN Server using button AutoConfig, or manually.
  • Save the configuration file and send it on a Mac with the VPN Client Configurator by e-mail or other means. VPN Server configuration file is encrypted using the AES256 used on the Mac OS, so you can don't worry about the security of information transmitted by e-mail.
  • Start the VPN Client Configurator and enter manually “ID VPN Server Configurator” into the appropriate field.
  • Receive a letter with the configuration file. Copy body letter to clipboard. Click the button “Config from Clipboard” of the VPN Client Configurator. Or you can open the configuration file using the button “Config from file”.
  • Press the button «Create VPN» and transfer user Password and shared Secret using Copy / Paste into your network settings. Save the network settings.
  • You can connect to your VPN Server and use all the resources of your remote computers on your LAN.
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